Spectrum Career â„¢ | Agreements


Targeted solution to meet your requirements.

Service Level Agreement

    - our most comprehensive and cost effective solution bundling all your staffing needs.

  • It involves an agreement to fill all of your anticipated  requirements over a specified time period (usually one year).
  • Budgeting is easier, you pay the same amount at pre-determined intervals.
  • It is a "living document", so the level of service can be altered as any unexpected developments occur.
  • We guarantee our performance ... if we can't fill the position, we will hire another firm to assure that your position is filled on time - any additional cost is not passed on to you!

Executive Search Services

     - Three distinct service options.

        Retained Search

- Individual Search Requisitions receiving top priority status

  • Needs evaluation                  
  • Research
  • Candidate screening and reference checking
  • Candidate "short list" identification
  • Interviews
  • Negotiations
  • Hiring

Engagement Search

- A blend of Retained (1/3 non-refundable up front) and Contingency Search (balance due upon hire) ... a somewhat reasonable compromise when there is an element of uncertainty.

Contingency Search

- You only pay if you hire our candidate. This is our most expensive option. Why? Think through this with me for a moment...

        • Often, there are multiple recruiters working to fill one contingency search ... that reduces the fill rate and increases the cost of the search ... expenditures without revenue.
        • Occasionally, the client changes the position description resulting in having to begin the search all over again, increasing the cost of the search ... expenditures without revenue.
        • Sometimes the contingency search is halted altogether due to corporate realignments or hiring freezes, increasing the cost of the search ... expenditures without revenue.
- Who pays for these expenditures? The client with the next filled contingency search. That is why it is our most expensive option. We must cover our costs of doing business and make a reasonable profit.

Staffing Alternatives

- We are a full service "back-office" provider and can become the employer for a variety of staffing alternatives:

  • Traditional Contract Staffing
  • Temp-to-Perm Conversions
  • Payrolling
  • On-site management
  • 1099 to W-2 Conversions
  • Retiree Restaffing
  • Internships