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Direct Hire

You need to strengthen your core staff with exceptionally talented professionals? We'll recruit them ... directly from your top competitors!

Want them from specific companies? Tell us which ones and we'll find them.

Tough to find? That's why you hire us!

We are ... 

Headhunters ...
                               Recruiters ...
                                                         Executive Search Consultants

It is our job to understand what you need and when you need it. We will consult with you to understan your

  • Requirements
  • Timeline
  • Interview process
  • Key players in the hiring decision

Mutual respect is imperative. Often, being too close to a situation deminishes objectivity. If we are not meeting your expections, tell us how  we can improve. If we perceive a problem, we'll talk with you candidly  and respectfully about it. A working partnership isvital to the timely delivery of quality results. When you hire us, we're in this together.

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