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We focus on Direct Recruiting ...

 ... NOT searching the Job Board Databases

Why should you pay a recruiting firm to find candidates you can find on your own
? You can find candidates through online databases, postings in online job boards, and newspaper advertising!

It is our job to find candidates for you that you cannot find through your internal recruiting methods.

We may not be the cheapest search firm you can find, but the quality of our work speaks for itself. We surface the top talent you have been searching for.

Why settle for candidates that are responding to postings online?
candidates that are checking out the job postings are either unhappy, unqualified or unemployed! Who else would be checking out the online postings for a job?

Furthermore ... why in the world would you use a "recruiting firm" who focuses most of their search efforts in online databases or running ads to find unhappy, unqualified or unemployed candidates? For heaven's sake, you are paying them to recruit! 

The TOP TIER TALENT you are looking for is usually always:

  • Happy in their present position!
  • Highly Qualified, standing head and shoulders above their peers!
  • Currently Employed ... NOT checking the job postings online!

That is precisely why Spectrum Career™  is the right choice for filling positions within your organization! We directy recruit candidates that are Happy, Qualified and Employed! 

Now that's the kind of candidate you want to hire!

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